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Austria, the country of classical music. From the elegant city of Vienna to the hometown of Mozart - Salzburg, via the traditional village Hallstatt, Austria is a both naturally and culturally beautiful. On this first stop, let's enjoy a sense of classical music in the capital Vienna.

Khoi Nguyen

Our journey started in the capital of Austria, the capital of classical music, Vienna. I came here for the first time in 2017, and this is my second visit. I still remember exactly every corner and the pretty alleyways that I walked through a few years ago, and fall in love with them again just like the first time. Every time someone asks what the favorite city that I have been to is, I often think of Vienna, even though sometimes I’m not quite sure what exactly about this place that makes it my favorite city.

Vienna is just what I have always imagined of an European city since the very young age, an old, poetic and a little fairytale-like city. Classical music is not just heard, it is felt and seen everywhere here. I like the Austrians, apart from some old, grumpy restaurant owners, the young people here are friendly and beautiful. I love their styles too, classy but not too fussy, and I see those who were born and raised with the melody of Mozart or Johann Strauss.  

The classy city showed me its Opera house, which is the most famous opera house in the world, then the iconic landmark St.Stephens Cathedral, and the house where Mozart lived.


From the impressive historic city center, the street performers performing classical music to an impressive concert hall of a wonderful performance at night, I experienced a memorable and wonderful journey of tradition and exquisite classical music.

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Khoi Nguyen

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