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COMPLEX 01: Ideal work spaces for remote workers in Hanoi

This creative complex is a ‘community mall’ renovated from the structure of an old factory in Hanoi. It’s like a small town with necessary functions for remote workers and creative practitioners, from convenient working spaces, venues for workshop, events to a food court and cafes.

The three-storey structure has lots of open space filled with natural lights and plants. The design blends modernity with old architectural details, so it’s a mixed feeling of innovative and nostalgic at the same time. If you love working remotely it’s definitely worth visiting, grab some food or coffee, chose any table you like and enjoy the productive working session without worrying much about how long you can stay.

If you’re not here to work simply stop by for a lunch break with a cup of coffee and a meal at the food court, also would be fun exploring a bunch of vintage clothe stores, local brands here.


No.29, alley 31 lane 167, Tay Son street, Hanoi

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of options for (good) food and drinks,

  • Large open spaces and beautifully designed

  • Adequate workspace both outdoor and indoor

  • Comfortable atmosphere

  • Convenient for both hanging out with friends or working

  • Free wifi across the whole complex


  • Can be hard to find;

  • The area can be crowded and hard to access by cars because it’s next to an University;

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