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Is Vietnamese Banh Mi popular to Japanese people?

Japan is a country of unique culinary culture with a series of internationally popular dishes such as sushi, ramen or udon ... According to a survey by YouGov, only about 40% of Japanese people like and enjoy foreign cuisines. This figure tells us that people from the land of cherry blossoms are quite "picky", plus the Japanese own their own world-class cuisine that often considered as part of their national pride. While it’s not quite easy for foreign cuisine to be adored in Japan, Vietnamese dishes such as Pho have been able to impress their citizens and became very popular. Every year in Suita, Osaka prefecture, the 4th of April is the day to honor Pho.

Photo by Isenpai

Aside from Pho, Banh Mi is the most internationally recognized Vietnamese dishes and ranked among top 10 best street food in the world. This simple but delicious street food was not very popular in Japan before, until recently it has been appearing more and more in different parts of the country. Eventually, Vietnamese Banh Mi has also been served on flights of Japan Airlines.

Furthermore, the fact that two Vietnamese students opened a Banh Mi shop in Tokyo with the name Banh Mi Xin Chao became a hot topic in this country as their business developed far beyond expectations, attracting a large number of Japanese customers who come daily and consume about 200 loaves of bread per day.

Banh Mi Xin Chao in Tokyo, Japan

There are about 7 Vietnamese Banh Mi shops in Tokyo but most of the owners are from Japan. According to the founder of Banh Mi Xin Chao, baguette in Japan tends to be served like French style so they figured out a way to do the Vietnamese way here and present their traditional value to more international friends.

Follow Viexplore and Rui, our friend from the country of the cherry blossoms, as we sit down together and experience Bánh mì. For Rui, this is her first time ever having authentic Vietnamese cuisine, so we are super excited to see her live reactions to Bánh mì, one of the Viets' most favourite dishes.

How about you? Have you had Vietnamese Bánh mì before? If not, did we convince you to try it out for yourself after this video?

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