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The Eye Within - Blindness Awareness For The Youth

We hardly pay attention in this fast-paced lifestyle but sometimes only a question ‘Can I help?’ might help a blind person calm down and smoothly go through their task.

The Eye Within is an event planned and organized by Viexplore's editor Phuong Nguyen, along with Sahrah Boldin from Czech Republic and Martin Chiriyankandath from India. It takes place in Birmingham, England and reflects the difficulty that visually impaired people have to go through daily in order to raise awareness and provide better understanding for the young audience.

The aim of ‘The Eye Within’ event is to increase awareness of visually challenged individuals and their daily life tasks and challenges that they have to go through every day. There were set up activities where individuals can experience how it feels to live with sight loss by covering their eyes with a blindfold. During the event, participants experienced these activities while being blindfolded and get to receive sensitivity among others and education about blindness.

Each participant was encouraged to successfully complete at least four activities out of ten. They were provided each with a blindfold, a stick and an assistant who guided them whilst participating in activities to prevent potential injuries and to receive navigation and explanation of each activity.

Event planner Sarah Boldin (left) explaining the tasks to the particiant.

Phuong Nguyen

Watch the full documentary of The Eye Within:

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