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Beauty in simple things

Beauty can be found everywhere, it is all around us. As travelers, we love travelling to see new things, find new beauty at new places. However, we tend to focus more on top visited destinations instead of realizing the real beauty of each city, each country from the most simple things, from a local shop, a window or a quiet moment of the day.

The real travelers look for hidden gems and beauty instead of spending most of the times at touristy areas. The beautiful simple things of any city/country are sometimes worth more than cliche tourist attractions because they help you feel the soul of the places and truly understand more about the locals' lifestyle. If you agree, this gallery is for you!


It's definitely worth it to walk away from all the crowd and tourists in Venice, because

beautiful corners like this exist.


Vienna, capital city of Austria, capital of classical music, maybe also a city of love?

A typical old shop in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, a country that has become a very popular tourist

destination. Despite the Westernization and a large number of tourists everyday in Hanoi, the traditional crafts, stores and local business still remain the same.

Quiet beach in Da Nang, Vietnam

A coffee in the sky. Location: Sapa, Vietnam

A different way to see the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Ancient town Hoi An, Vietnam

The most attractive thing in every city is not always

the huge tourist destination buildings, but small alleys

like this in Warsaw, Poland.

Isn't the rain in Prague so beautiful?

An afternoon in Cambridge, England.

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