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Ciao Bella Italy (P.1) 

Every road leads to Rome

Phuong Ng.

The trip to Italy was very special to me, as a 25th birthday gift that I gave to myself.  I have always been dreaming of visiting Italy, and luckily I finally made it happen.


The first destination I visited was Rome, where you can feel and sense thousands of years of history in each corner of the city. Mostly, when people think of Rome, the first picture comes up would be the Colosseum. As the most iconic landmark of the city, the 2000 - year old arena gave me a special feeling. I could totally feel parts of Rome’s extraordinary past even though two-thirds of the Colosseum has been destroyed over time, mostly because of vandalism, earthquakes and fires, only the shape and wall structure remain. This was a place for the elites to come watch sporting events, games, including gladiatorial combats and wild animal hunts, all very brutal.



The ticket for Colosseum also includes access to 2 other sights: Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, which were Roman’s commercial, financial and religious area back in the day.


Roman Forum

My next stop was the Trevi Fountain. Not only famous for its elegant architecture, but Trevi Fountain is also a popular place for the public to come and make a wish. As a result, during peak travel season, around €3,000 is thrown into the fountain every day as people follow the tradition of throwing coins over their shoulders. All of these coins are then collected and given to charity.  

According to legend, by throwing a coin into Trevi Fountain, you will ensure a return to Rome. I did it, and now already craving to visit Rome for the second time, as I deeply fell in love with the city.


Trevi Fountain

There are many reasons to make you fall in love with a place; it could be because of the person you love, family or famous attractions.  To me, the biggest thing that makes me fall in love with Rome is the food.  I have loved Italian cuisine for a long time, from the savory pasta, crispy pizza to lovely desserts. After having the chance to taste the authentic Italian food in the place where it comes from, I cannot think of leaving this city anymore. 

I would say sometimes loving a city to me does not take much, as long as the cuisine makes me want to come back to try it again.


Back to the journey, I took a trip to an area outside of the city centre, Trastevere. Perhaps the rain was the reason why it was a bit empty and quiet when I was there and I saw very few tourists.  

After wandering around here, I discovered a beautiful church. I may not remember the name but I cannot forget how breath-taking it was.​


Last but not least (also very important when in Rome), Vatican City, the smallest city in the world surrounded by Rome. I did not have the chance to see all of Vatican City because of lacking time, which was a pity, but I got to visit the Vatican Museum. This was the first time I ever experienced a vast complex of amazing museums, where the artworks are priceless

There are some exhibitions that do not allow you to take photo.


Vatican Museum

That is my journey in Rome for now; in the upcoming posts I will guide you to Venice, a pretty city of gorgeous canals.

Phuong Ng.

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