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Lisbon, the capital and the largest city in Portugal, is a fascinating and charismatic place. It’s beauty is a combination of traditional and classical heritage with a modern urban life. Thanks to the ideal waterfront location and beautiful climate, Lisbon is a perfect weekend getaway.

Khoi Nguyen

Praca Do Comercio

Let's begin with the riverfront Praca Do Comercio. This landmark is like a gateway to Lisbon. Also known as Palace Square, this is Lisbon’s largest square where many of the city’s important buildings locate. Highlighted by a grand 18th century arcades and the bright yellow facades, the square filled with busy activities, tourists, double-decker buses and rattling trams, creating a sense of an unique landmark.

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Among so many interesting types of transportation I’ve seen here, the trams in Lisbon play an iconic role. They are not only the ideal means to explore some of the most interesting spots, but also a cultural symbol of the city. There are six tram routes (#12, #15, #18, #24, #25 & #28) in Lisbon running along 48 km of track.

Tram Lisbon.JPG

Santa Justa

Lisbon, a city of unique public transportation, and unique architecture too, like the Santa Justa lift. This is a dazzling iron structure that links the Baixa neighborhood with Bairro Alto district and has a viewing tower and café at the top.


Belem Tower

Belem is 500 years old, construction started in 1515 and finished in 1519. The tower has five floors and a roof terrace, each story is connected by a small and narrow staircase. As a cultural reference and a symbol of Portugal history, in 1983, Belem tower was added to the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO and has been considered one of Portugal’s most important attractions ever since.



I love walking around in Lisbon, to feel the charm and soul of those small hidden Portuguese alleys. Lisbon is perfect for getting lost, it’s traditional, charismatic, and fun-loving. No matter where you go there’s always something fascinating happening on the sidewalks, so always get yourself ready with a camera.



The Portugese capital has a laid-back café culture and lively nightlife.You can wine, dine and dance all over the city. Lisbon is also a city of contrasts. You can either experience a lively nightlife drinking at one of the most exciting party spots in Europe, or wandering the quaint and sleepy streets. Romance embraces you on every corner here, and the city’s charm at night is something very special.  

Tram at night

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