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Peaceful, beautiful, calm and friendly,
just like the people of Hue.

Khoi Nguyen

23 February, 2023

Pilgrimage Village resort & spa is a boutique resort located in the quiet rural area of Hue. The site lies peacefully within a rustic village setting surrounded by lush tranquil gardens, though, it’s not far from Hue city center or the Imperial citadel. A number of Hue’s must-visit landmarks are also only minutes away from the resort, including Tu Duc tomb.


The resort embodies the subtle and unique connection of treasured traditional style and Vietnamese modern art vibrancy, offering the harmony of soothing natural environment and local culture.

Designed in the typical Hue traditional architecture, each room at the hotel is paved with hardwood floors. The furniture is made of wood and decorated in a classic style, create a warm feeling.

Pilgrimage Village Hue
Pilgrimage Village resort & spa .jpg
Pilgrimage Village resort  bed room.JPG
Pilgrimage Village resort  bathroom.jpg

The bed, the sheets and pillows are all made from high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable feeling for the guests. We stayed at the honeymoon bungalow. It features high ceiling and wooden floor. The walls are paved with alternating red bricks, creating a feeling of lightness and a bit of an nostalgic sense from the old houses in Hue. The room has a marble plan bathroom, with an open view to the terrace. Room service is provided 24/7.

Pilgrimage Village resort  bed room.JPG

The highlight of the whole beautiful resort, I’d say, is the Vedana spa. It blends ancient traditional healing wisdom from the East with therapies from the West. Meditation, Jacuzzi, sauna & steam bath, Tai chi or Yoga classes help you find balance and peace in your body and mind. The architecture, again, shows the best of Vietnamese design with the principle of balance, water features, and the use of environmental friendly materials.

Vedana spa
Vedana spa Pilgrimage Village.JPG
Vedana spa.jpg

Vedana spa, Pilgrimage Village

Mindfully and slowly walk around the resort, not only a joy that I found very relaxing, but also to understand how the resort’s got this name.  Pilgrimage Village resort & spa is an ideal place to leave the busy life and find your inner peace again.

Hue architecture.jpg
Pilgrimage Village resort & spa .jpg
Pilgrimage Village resort & spa .jpg
Pilgrimage Village resort & spa .jpg

A peaceful walk around the resort

There are two restaurants here, Junrei and Valley. The Valley restaurant is where you have the buffet breakfast and it’s got the most stunning views ever to enjoy your meal. Setting next to the lily lake, words can’t describe how nice it is to have breakfast here in the open space, drink some good Vietnamese coffee, feel the fresh air and begin a wonderful day. 

Valley restaurant.jpg

A perfect schedule to ‘feel Hue’

If you ever visit Hue, we’d recommend you to stay in Hue’s city center (where there are many nice options for accommodations too) for one night first to have a good amount of time visiting the Imperial city and other historical sites. After that, spend the next one or two nights staying here at Pilgrimage Village resort to relax, and to admire the unique architecture in the countryside.  Totally worth the experience, enjoying the nice holiday with a sense of Vietnam’s rural life which comes along with excellent services, modern facilities, and relaxation. In the middle of the peaceful nature, the resort creates an airy feeling and brings a peaceful, poetic scene to represent the typical beauty of the charming city Hue at its best.

The nearest airport is Hue airport, just 20 minutes away, whilst Da Nang international airport is 1 hour 45 minutes away by car.


130 Minh Mang street, Hue, Vietnam

Telephone:              +84 234 3 885 461


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