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Paella pan


You haven’t understood Spanish cuisine if you haven’t tried Paella, considered Spain’s national dish. It is said to be from Valencia region in Eastern Spain and has a long history that dates back to the 10th century, when the Moors conquerors started cultivating rice in Muslim Spain. Back then, farmers put any possible ingredients that could be found in the countryside into the pan. So the classic paella usually has grain rice, rabbit, chicken, snails, beans and artichokes.  

Paella pan

Paella began as a farmer’s dish, now it’s Spain’s best known dish, adapted with different variations. The most common types that many order at restaurants are chicken paella; seafood paella and mixed paella.

Eating paella

Paella has become widely recognized, but the original tradition of the dish remains. Families across Spain today still cook paella at the weekend, or for gathering with the loved ones.

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