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Son Pham's Instagram assignment: Explore the 

'Instagramable' corners of Oxford

In this assignment, Viexplore's Son Pham spends one day in Oxford, United Kingdom. In a time when travel photography is a popular trend on social media like Instagram, follow Son to temporarily stay away from the crowded tourist centers and explore the small alleys of Oxford in order to create an unique Instagram gallery.  

Son Pham.

Oxford, the city of education, home to the oldest and leading universities of the UK, such as the University of Oxford providing the top education system in the world. The learning atmosphere always embraces this ancient and luxurious city. In Oxford, you can easily see the young students cycling, walking to graduation ceremonies, and at the same time immerse yourselves in the ancient architecture of 13th century buildings.


Besides the famous education system and classical attractions, this city is full of interesting hidden corners that are worth exploring. 


My first impression of Oxford was a surprise. Oxford is fun, vibrant and busier than I imagined. The more I spent time walking around, the more surprised I got, along with excitement. I realized Oxford is a city full of life, colors, yet at the same time, there are still many quiet alleys that are full of surprises. This is truly an ideal place for me to start getting my camera out and create some pictures for my gallery.

So here is my littler gallery of Oxford, please enjoy:

Son Pham

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