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Legacy Yen Tu

When spiritual tourism
meets luxury travel

Khoi Nguyen

15 August, 2022

Located at the foot of the sacred Yen Tu Mountain, Mgallery Legacy Yen Tu is only one hour drive from Ha Long Bay, and two hours from Hanoi. In the set of a 13th century monastery, the design of Legacy Yen Tu and its spiritual activities bring us back to the time when King Tran Nhan Tong, the third king of the Tran dynasty went to Yen Tu mountain to practice, teach Buddhism and opened Truc Lam School of Zen.


Yen Tu has become a holy land and the home of Vietnamese Buddhism, inheriting the rich culture and historical spirit since Tran Dynasty. Surrounded by the natural landscape, vast forests, and holy temples of Yen Tu mountain, Legacy Yen Tu Mgallery sits calmly and peacefully as a humble gateway to connect us with Vietnam’s past through a spiritual experience.

Taking inspiration from the local heritage, historical spirit of Tran Dynasty and the ancient Vietnamese architecture, Legacy Yen Tu features handcrafted materials and traditional construction techniques to resemble an ancient palace of a glorious dynasty. Every detail is meticulously designed, telling the story of a culturally rich and scared land of Vietnamese Buddhism.


The rooms with mountain views use local elements recalling an ancient monastery. Unlike most of the rooms at other 5-star resorts or hotels, there’s not a single TV in any of the guest room here at Legacy Yen Tu. In a beautifully, monastery designed room filled with Buddhist ambience and a sense of relaxation, the absence of a television can never be a problem.

The quiet, mysterious scene makes it’s so easy to be mindful of our own presence surrounded by nature and calmness. Slowly walking along the stone corridors and feel every single footstep touching the handcrafted ceramic floor tiles is not only a way to be in the present and find your inner peace, but also a walk to the past, immersing in the thousand-year history of a glorious Vietnamese dynasty.   


The retreat, inspired by the design of an ancient monastery taking us to different moments of calmness, where spiritual tourism meets luxury travel, truly a destination for a luxurious sense of wellness, deep relaxation and inner peace.  While the idea of a 5-star hotel in a sacred mountain like Yen Tu may not have been supported by many at first, the entire hotel with breath-taking, elegant design and craftsmanship has surely captured the best of Yen Tu’s heritage with its charming ambience and a Zen atmosphere. The site sits harmoniously and respectfully within the forests and immerse in the holy ambience of Yen Tu, guiding us to a journey of tales, history, and myths. It’s the story of a king living his royal palace life while spiritually finding the answer he needs. 


How to get there? (From Hanoi)

Driving: It takes about 2 hours to drive from Hanoi. The distance is 135km.

Train: Train from Hanoi station to Uong Bi station, then get a cab to the hotel. 

Bus service: You can book a bus service. We suggest a company like Phuc Xuyen, which operates a bus from My Dinh bus station Hanoi to Uong Bi every 15 minutes. Then get a cab to the hotel.

Hotel shuttle bus: The hotel provides shuttlbe bus service to and from Hanoi. You will need to contact them prior to your stay for arrangement of time and pick up location. 


Commune, Thuong Yen Cong, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

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