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"The best Resort in Asia"

Khoi Nguyen

25 November, 2022

In a world of mystery and luxury, where Vietnamese culture and traditional architecture blend with contemporary elements, InterContinental Danang spread across four levels of: Heaven, Sky, Earth and Sea.

Designed by star architect Bill Bensley, the award-winning InterContinental Danang is a five-star beach resort nestled on the rainforest slope of Son Tra peninsula in Danang. Since its opening in 2012, InterContinental Danang has become a reputation and icon of world class hospitality and luxury holiday in Vietnam.


Let’s talk about the architectural concept first. It is based on the idea of Vietnamese mythology to create a place lying across four idyllic levels – Heaven, Sky, Earth and Sea with panoramic views of Vietnam’s central coast, infusing cutting-edge contemporary architecture with authentic Vietnamese elements to become a reflection on the past that is also looking towards the future.


A sense of Vietnam's culturally rich heritage is presented with interaction and respect to nature. This heaven of tranquility blends the finest architecture and cultural details with breath-taking natural landscape of Son Tra, immersing in the rich, diverse ecosystem of wildlife and flora. Every aspect is interwoven with nature and local communities. The resort pays the best attention in protecting the environment and its’ wildlife, for instance, they appointed a resident zoologist to oversee the conservation programs and ensure the wild is preserved.

InterCon Danang architecture.JPG
Intercontinental DaNang.JPG
afternoon sunlight InterContinental Danang.jpg

Besides exceptional services and memorable activities, a 5-star beach resort, especially in Vietnam, cannot lack the most important aspect: a gorgeous design that respects and expresses the local context. InterContinental Danang is an interpretation of Vietnam’s local architecture combined with a modern twist, bringing the ancient temples, pagodas, rural villages and royal palaces of Vietnam from the past into a modern, luxurious world for elegant travelers, while respecting and interacting with nature. In order for an architecture to become a masterpiece, it must "rely on" nature to exist. Intercontinental Danang Resort is nestled away from the city life and harmoniously  blended with the mountains and sea. There is no cutting of trees to make roads, only bending the road to make way for trees. InterContinental Danang was built like that.


The man behind this world-class design, famous architect Bill Bensley spent months exploring Vietnam from North to South and visiting around 50 different temples. It’s not difficult to tell that Bill was strongly inspired by the royal architecture of Hue, the imperial capital of Vietnam.

InterContinental Danang
Vietnamese architecture InterContinental Danang

During his travel across Vietnam, Bill Bensley was particularly impressed with the royal architecture of Hue, with courtyards continuously connected to each other through thick stone walls guarded by tall towers. The ancient master planners did an amazing job to create these miraculous buildings and powerful spaces for the Emperors back in the days, which inspired Bensley in many of his design in Vietnam.  


InterContinental Danang, with exceptional services has ignited the imagination into a world of wellness, relaxation and satisfaction nestled in nature reserve. Using a concept of “Ultimate Luxury”, the resort’s managers and staff make sure guests receive the best experiences and to have highly memorable moments.  A time spent at InterContinental Danang is truly a must-have experience for those who ever wonder what an ideal society may look like. The heavenly gorgeous scene, the smiles, the beautiful greetings, the politeness and outstanding services may stuck in your memories for a long, long time.


Son Tra Penisula, Da Nang city, Vietnam

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