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Hyatt Regency 
West Hanoi

Modern vibes
& modern lifestyle

Khoi Nguyen

20 September, 2022

As the first Hyatt hotel in Hanoi, Hyatt Regency West Hanoi was our chosen destination to explore a new way of seeing our city. Vietnam’s capital is a charming city of heritage, history and traditions, but it’s also a big city that’s transforming itself into a metropolitan of opportunities and development in the region. You may be familiar with the image of Hanoi as an ancient city and its’ old quarter, but have you visited the modern urban part of it?

Hyatt Hanoi room.jpg

Located in a modern area known as Hanoi’s new economic zone and on a convenient route to Noi Bai airport, the hotel’s surrounded by Hanoi’s skyscrapers and is within walking distance to the major conference, sport centers of the city. My Dinh national stadium, the home of Vietnam’s National football team is literally next to the hotel and become more lively than ever, in a totally new perspective.

Hyatt My Dinh view.jpg
Hyatt room view.jpg
Hyatt Hanoi bathroom.jpg
Hyatt Hanoi bathroom design.jpg

The design, which has recently been renovated, has a creamy, soothing tone which is pleasing and comfortable. In a contemporary and minimal style, the room offers gorgeous view to Hanoi’s sky scrapers and of course, the iconic stadium which can easily impress any guest.

Hyatt room.jpg
Hyatt Hanoi room design.jpg

Hyatt Regency West Hanoi has the basic functions and a vibe that you can easily see of a 5-star city hotel, yet, it gives a different experience of Hanoi you may not have had before. The location is far from the old center but on the other hand that’s a special thing of the stay. It surely is an ideal staycation for those who are football fans, especially when a match happens. Imagine walking a few steps to a football match then come back to your five-star hotel room in a heartbeat without worrying about the traffic? The truth is you can even actually be able to see the live match from your room, not on TV, but from your window, if you are lucky to have a room facing the stadium.


Besides sport activities, the surrounding neighborhoods offer plenty of options for foreign food, drinks, and shopping. Nearby restaurants, cafes, and modern shopping malls especially become very lively in the evening. 

Hyatt Regency West Hanoi.jpg

An oasis of calm in the modern part of Hanoi

In an area where the streets and skyscrapers create a total scenery of an economic, fast moving modern urban life, a stay at Hyatt Regency West Hanoi looks inspiring for business travelers.  On the other hand, the hotel itself is also said to be a ‘city resort’ in the middle of this industrial part of town. Walk through Market Café on the ground floor of Hyatt Hanoi, you’ll come across a beautiful and relaxing zen garden. The outdoor courtyard offers complete greenery and is a perfect spot to make your Instagram feed more attractive.

Back to the room, sit by the window with a cup of coffee and slow jazz, the lively city and its’ flow of traffic then appear like a wallpaper, transforming into different states through different moments of the day. It’s hard to actually tell if this is a place more ideal for a staycation or a work trip, maybe both. So spend yourself a visit and tell us the answer?

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Hyatt Regency West Hanoi
36 Le Duc Tho street, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi, Vietnam

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