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Hanoicapital by Viexplore is an editorial platform and brand partnership operated mainly on Instagram. Our mission is to promote Hanoi tourism and culture on social media, and to create a sense of community in the Vietnamese capital. 

We express the authenticity and identity of Hanoi, with a mission to attract more people to visit the city. It is also important for us to create a helpful and visually attractive Instagram platform, where visitors can easily access for basic information of tourist attractions, accommodations, food and beverage.  



We collaborate with brands to promote their products and services to our audience, especially in the fields of F&B and hospitality


The community and cultural stories, history, travel information about Hanoi’s attractions, iconic buildings and landmarks


We organize events and
workshops to bring our
communities closer, provide
mutual understanding
between the locals and
foreign visitors, and a better
understanding of Hanoi for all


Our data and experiences help brands and businesses in Hanoi providing the right services to the right customers

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Our main audience is international visitors who travel to Vietnam for leisure, and the foreign community living in Hanoi. 

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An international city of



Hanoi is home to variety of luxury hotels, making sure to give you a pleasant journey whether for leisure or business purposes.  


Operated as an information and influencer platform where elegant pictures of Hanoi are shared, @Hanoicapital is the most followed and well known channel about Hanoi on Instagram and helps bringing our city to the world. Besides Instagram, please enjoy a little gallery we have here.

Our Hanoi

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