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Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK, a city of cultures, diversity and many things else,.. Planning a visit to Birmingham? Get a head with our list of "8 Hang-out Spots You Can't Miss When In Birmingham". If you are interested in Britain's architecture, it's worth to visit Birmingham too, as the city is under a transformation to become a modern city.

8 Hang-out Spots You Can't Miss When In Birmingham

As the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has many interesting things to do. From shopping at Bullring to visiting the city's wonderful library, and then enjoy delicious Asian cuisines in China town, you will be able to spend your quality time in Birmingham, before ending the day with perhaps a beer at Board Street. 

The Essence of Birmingham

Unlike well known cities in the UK like London, Edinburgh, Oxford,.. Birmingham, the UK's second biggest city represents quite a different side of British architecture. Construction is everywhere in Birmingham's center, and the city's regeneration is transforming Birmingham into a modern English city. The documentary, presented by Khoi Nguyen examines the stories and designs of Birmingham's most famous landmarks, in order to understand why this city doesn't seem to stop constructing and replacing the historical architecture with the modern ones.

Birmingham photo gallery

by Khoi Nguyen

After a tour of the city from the videos, we'd like to give you a better look at Birmingham's street scenes through our photographs.

Birmingham snapshots

by Son Pham