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Ao Dai On The English Street

​Ao Dai on the English street

The collection by Viexplore's Son Pham expresses the story of modern “Ao dai” (Viet Nam long traditional dress) in the 21st century. Modern “Ao dai” aims to help more Vietnamese women feel more convenient to wear this in their daily life, although it may be frowned upon by the conservatives. 


Ao Dai has long been recognized as the symbol of  Vietnamese feminine beauty and the nation's cultural pride. 

Then, Morden Ao dai started appearing on catwalks from fashion weeks,  in the collections of designer like Thuy Nguyen , Ha Linh, Si Hoang. Until the end of 2016 and especially during Tet holiday 2017, thanks to many famous people and celebrities, modern Ao Dai went viral across Vietnam and became a fashion trend. 

Unexpectedly, the popular trend in 2017 along with bold innovation of Ao Dai raised a big debate among the public. 


Well-known designer Duc Hung once claimed:“ I assert that it is not Vietnamese Ao Dai. If we encourage and support this innovative style of dress combined with this bustle, the image of traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai will be lost…”


Indeed, the modern changes are so different from the traditional Ao Dai and caused a wave of indignation for those who want to preserve the original beauty.

However, this is also an open question for all of us, when the conflict between old values ​​and the "need" for a change of the new era always exists not only in the story of Ao Dai, but also in many other aspects of our life .


Whatever your choice is, try looking at modern innovative dresses to see how Ao Dai has changed today, and perhaps interpretation is the more important thing we are looking at.  


Vietnamese Ao Dai, whether traditional or innovative, somehow still carries the imprint of our country’s culture, history and traditions.

We want Ao Dai to always be a symbol of time that represents our lifestyle and cultures from this generation to another, so that "Ha Dong silk dress" becomes a more common fashion choice for everyone, anywhere in the world. 

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